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Kevin J. McClafferty, BESc
Research Scientist

Kevin received his baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering in 1990 from The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.

For more than twenty years Kevin has worked in the field of traffic safety, primarily as a researcher, conducting in-depth investigations of motor vehicle collisions and safety-related motor vehicle defects. He has completed investigations and technical reconstructions on over 500 crashes, and has investigated defects in more than 150 motor vehicles and vehicle components. Kevin has also provided expert testimony at Coroners' inquests and in Ontario's courts.

Kevin's research interests include motor vehicle safety systems, event data recorders, injury mechanisms and biomechanics. He has published extensively in the international scientific literature including findings on seat belt and air bag effectiveness, fatal crashes, and event data recorders. He has provided a wide range of lectures and specialized presentations on collision investigation and reconstruction, and on various aspects of road and motor vehicle safety, to both professional audiences and members of the general public.

Kevin is a Past President of the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP), and a past Editor of the association's quarterly newsletter, The Safety Network. In 2004, Kevin received CARSP's Leadership Award. He is also a recipient of the Dr. Charles H. Miller Award for the best technical paper presented at the 12th Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference.

PDF  Kevin McClafferty - Curriculum Vitae (233 KB PDF file)


Dennis W. Carter
Collision Reconstructionist Dennis Carter

Dennis is a retired police officer and is now a collision reconstructionist with Southwestern Collision Analysis.

He has extensive knowledge in both traffic safety and collision reconstruction. He has 30 years of policing experience, with 17 years acting as a Level IV police collision reconstructionist.

Dennis also worked for 3 years as a Research Associate with the Western Motor Vehicle Safety Research Team at the University of Western Ontario.

PDF  Dennis Carter - Curriculum Vitae (178 KB PDF file)


Cliff Worden-Rogers
Biomechanics Engineer Cliff Worden-Rogers

Cliff graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2007. Most recently (2012), he obtained a Master's in Biomechanics from The University of Western Ontario.

He has worked in a number of engineering fields including oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, natural resources, biomechanics, and project management. These positions were held in various cities across Eastern Canada.

With his academic training, and exposure to a variety of work experiences, Cliff can use his acquired knowledge to help improve automotive safety.

PDF  Cliff Worden-Rogers - Curriculum Vitae (126 KB PDF file)